Do you have a guide or tips on how to use Hoist?

Yes! Please download the latest user guide with tips here.

How do I convert from Hoist to Hoist Pro?

Go to the Hoist website and click on Pro, and select “Get Hoist Pro”. Or just click here.


Can I change my team name once set?

Unfortunately, this can only be changed by the Hoist Admin team currently.  Please email info@hoist.world for assistance.


Can I be a member of more than one team?



How do I set up site addresses?

In web dashboard, select “Sites” button on left.


What tools are available to the team?

Only the tools selected by the team manager.

Can I set up automated reports to be emailed out?

Not currently, however this is in the development pipeline.

What reports are available?

In App:

  • Export of all data

On Web Dashboard:

  • Tool activity over specified period

  • Current tool status report

  • Maintenance / Reminders report

How do I reset my password?

Select the reset password button.

NOTE - If you have forgotten your username, please contact info@hoist.world

How do I cancel my subscription?

On the Web Dashboard, select Billing page and then click “cancel subscription”

How do I remove team members?

  1. Team members cannot be removed, they can only be deactivated. 

  2. Reason for this is because there might be associated history to one of the team tools 

I've been invited to a team but when I’m signed in I’m not in the team?

You must accept the email invitation to be added to the team. Even if you already have Hoist you must accept the invitation emailed to you.

If you already are using Hoist we recommend giving the team manager the email address you’re already using to sign in to Hoist. This way you can use your personal and team assets without having to sign in and out of Hoist.