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We set out to create a easy way to manage your assets using your smartphone.
Hoist is FREE, and we like to think it’s a product built for every environment, just like you.




fast asset adding

A fast, safe way to manage your assets

Add photos, asset details, receipts, serial numbers. You name it, we probably store it. All free. No more needing to keep paper receipts!

We store your data securely in the cloud. So if you ever lose or damage your smartphone, your data is safe.

It will automatically appear on your new device when you next sign in to Hoist.


share easily

Lend assets using your phone’s contact list or Facebook friends list. You can add a due date, so you’ll know when it’s due back.

When you lend, Hoist lets you send a message to the borrower alerting them of the item they’ve got.

If they don’t have Hoist everything still works for you. If they do get it, the item you’ve shared will automatically appear, with the due date.


You’re in control

At the heart of Hoist is a powerful asset management engine, allowing the tracking of asset details, files, conditions, along with a full history of who had it, and when.

Add reminders, mark items as returned or damaged, or quickly message and call those needing to return your gear, all from the app with the tap of your finger.

Borrowing something from someone else using Hoist? You’ll see it clearly in the app, along with any due date.


Need to be reminded?

Create flexible reminders against any asset you have.

Set repeating dates, and get advanced alerts prior or on the day. Perfect for any maintenance or routine tasks you have.

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