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Easily manage assets across multiple team members and sites in real-time


Unlock the ultimate field asset management system with Hoist Pro®. Hoist Pro® allows businesses and organisations to easily manage assets across multiple team members and sites in real-time.

Perfect for power users, or organizations needing to know where everything is, what condition it is in and who had it last. Hoist Pro® is $2.99 USD a month per team member and can be enabled within the normal Hoist app on Android, or by visiting this link here. Hoist Pro® is FREE for the first month.


Unlock the Pro® Dashboard

With Hoist Pro® you can easily manage company assets by unlocking our Pro Dashboard on desktop.

The dashboard allows you to shift assets between team members and sites, see all asset activity, reminders, and access advanced reporting with CSV exports.


invite the team

Hoist Pro allows you to invite others to your Pro environment, giving them access to your company assets. If you already are using Hoist, then you can shift tools between your personal and Pro environment easily and instantly.

All your team members can see who has what, and they can return or transfer an asset within their possession to another team member (but not anyone outside the team).


made easy

Need to see what assets have been damaged this year? Need to find out in an instant where something is and who had it last?

Then Hoist Pro® has your sorted with everything from from CSV data exports to real-time activity tracking of every asset.

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