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It all started with
a simple problem

“Now who did I lend that to?”

Every year millions of assets and tools are lost, stolen, or destroyed. This problem led to a conversation between three friends, asking how storing, tracking, and managing things could be made easier with an app.

Once a prototype was developed it was put to use within a 170 person construction company. Over a year of development and refinements were then added to the app, and it grew from a simple, free cloud storage app to a multi-platform asset management solution, that we call Hoist.

Hoist can now manage large-scale management of company assets, with real-time visibility through the app and web dashboard, reporting, team member visibility of assets, transaction notifications, barcode scanning, and a flexible reminder system to handle maintenance, testing, or any other time-based asset scheduling. We call this Hoist Pro.

We hope you enjoy Hoist, and thank you for joining us on this journey.

Rob, Nick, & James